top of page :: New Website Online ● Check It Out ● Give Us Feedback® New Website online. After some months of work TOUCHROAD's new website has been released! Check out our roster with a lot of new artists promoted and managed by TOUCHROAD®. Get in contact with us right away using our live chat features to get deeper insights and assistance. Whether your looking for an artist for your next event or you're an artist looking for professional management and promotion in Germany, Austria and Switzerland - just get in touch with us!


At Touchroad we empower talented artists to grow through the stages of memorable events created with the partnership of brands, businesses and music communities. Touchroad Manages and supports Artist from Dusk til Dawn. We support you to reach your Goals. We unite you with partners worldwide at any Event.  Touchroad Books and Manages Unique and Talented Artist with the same vision, to be heard with success worldwide.

Need a Performer for your next big Event? 

Let us help you find the perfect entertainment to fit your needs.

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Questions? Feedback? Assistance? Contact Us Now to get a direct link to our team to support you.

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