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IfaTunde Orunmila :: Melanin ● New Album Release

Ifa-Tunde Orunmila (Bookings-By-Touchroad®) has been working on his upcoming album for the past nine years. The official release date of his Album Melanin was August 18th 2019. The reason the project has taken so long is simply because Ifa-Tunde is a perfectionist. Having been initiated into the ways of the Orishas (Òrìṣà) (which is a Yoruba tradition), he views life from a spiritual stand point and makes all decisions accordingly. He did not feel any need to rush or put a time limit on his work. For more information.

About Ifa-Tunde Orunmila

From the heart of London via Kingston, Jamaica to Africa and back. Ifa-Tunde's music shows the variety of continents in each note. Born in London and son of Jamaican immigrants, Ifa-Tunde develops a relationship with his roots only in adulthood.

Get Your Copy Of the Album Melanin

To get your copy of the new released album Melanin on iTunes click here.

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