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TOUCHROAD® at Reggae Jam Festival 2019

August 2th - 4th Reggae Jam Festival Bersenbrück, Germany opened the stages for unforgettable, lasting moments for reggae music lovers.

TOUCHROAD® want to send a big thank you to Reggae Jam Festival Team for all the hard work. We really had a blast!

We had a film maker follow our movements at the Reggae Jam so TOUCHROAD®

was able to save the vibrations of the festival and highlight the performances of our artists. Treesha, Denham Smith and Damage Skongdem together with the Evolution Band live on stage performing together at this wonderful reggae festival in the north of Germany.

We also had Ifa-Tunde Orunmila and Juliaiasiah as special guest on the set.

These Artist are great entertainers and love, live and give back to music.

Don't waste the music!

Reggae Jam Festival 2019 Bersenbrück, Germany

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