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The touchroad & Shutterdownfestivaluk Clash

Shutter Down Festival UK alongside @touchroad.de presents Clash " Sound Vs Sound 2020 Live starting 28th June 2020 and every Sunday after streaming across Facebook,Twitch,Youtube,Zoom. The Finals will be pay-per-viewed via www.shutterdownfestivaluk.com. purchase your tickets via the website or via eventbrite. #Soundclash#Clash2020#clash#Shutterdownfestivaluk2020#touchroad.de

1st Show 28th.June 2020:

On Sunday the 28th of June the shutterdownfestival Clash has started.

12 Sounds up against each other. 11 sounds a go dead. Only one can survive. We have a Cash Prize give away and much more. We have a Poll system in place so the audience can interact by voting for their

Favorit Sound! So far we had 6 sounds last night and they were amazing.

1st 3 sounds: Top Frankin-Germany,Hype Revolution, Diamond sound -Monserat. Top Frankin and Diamond sounds continue to the next round.

2nd. 3 Sounds were: Stereo Mello, Santoro -Italy & JNR International UK. JNR Intetnational and Stereo Mello are going to the next round.!! Great Job.

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